Time Management Tips
3 important task reminders for a smooth practice m...

Time is important. A moment lost never comes back. It is important to do the right thing at the right time for maximum impact. A common observation about humans is we tend to forget doing one thing when we are after another activity. It is important to know that sticky notes came to be for

Task List
How to use a task tracker for super management?

Organized form of work leads to higher productivity. This is a general experience for anyone who has a task to accomplish. The task can be as simple as baking a cake or as complex as assembling a rocket. The point is when you know all the steps to accomplish a task and have all the

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How to PLAN for a better work day?

A situation faced by all working professionals is that of too much to do and too little time. One can argue that this is a result of extreme stress. The overwhelming nature of what needs accomplished in a single day is mind boggling at times. Lifestyle trends, food habits, work culture have an effect on

Task List
How To Properly Utilize The Task List To Complete ...

There are so many diversions in this fast paced world. It is easy to lose track of the numerous things that we have to do on any particular day. Managing and compartmentalizing the ‘to do list’ has become a prominent way of handling number of tasks without losing track. Having a so called ‘task list’

Work Management Technology
3 Best practices to use technology to transform a ...

Technology in the workplace is changing rapidly. Most businesses are moving to digital for all work needs. Large, medium, and small scaled organizations are all open to the idea of digitally powered workplace due to the immediate rise in efficiency it brings to the table. CA firms are fast catching up on digital workspaces for

Improve Productivity at Workplace
5 sure shot ways to improve workplace productivity

An omnipresent question across organizations is how to increase productivity at work. It is probably the only consistent question since ages. In the rapid pace of development with an upward trend in exposure to technologies via the internet and its accessibility through smart phones, it is an even more pertinent question to answer. Before we

Work Management Software
5 W’s of top work management software for Charte...

Accounting world revolves around deadlines. Though usually, firms provide year-round service to their clients, much of their work is seasonal. Dealing with this seasonal work becomes a major challenge. 90% of the accounting firms fail to handle it well. Hence, it’s not a surprise that best work management software has made a mark on accountants

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