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The many features of Unpaper – Roles

The many features of Unpaper – Roles One major problem that takes a lot of time from a tax professional’s work day is team member permissions. Without using any work management software, the best you can do is a blanket authorization to a few people while the rest don’t have it. This does not leave...

Email notification

The many features of Unpaper – Email notific...

Staying connected and updated has become a necessity in today’s world. In the world of a tax professional, it becomes even more essential to keep track of his tasks all the time. While Unpaper does give in-app notifications for important events, some might feel the need for more. This is addressed in the new update...

The many features of Unpaper – Multi Login

In today’s fast growing technological world, there’s an app for everything. And most apps require a login of some sort. It is no wonder that it has become more difficult than ever before to remember the login IDs and passwords for each and every app. One way to tackle this is to have yet another...

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