In today’s fast growing technological world, there’s an app for everything. And most apps require a login of some sort. It is no wonder that it has become more difficult than ever before to remember the login IDs and passwords for each and every app. One way to tackle this is to have yet another app to remember all your details. But there is a much simpler and more effective way – make the login simper and more intuitive. This is exactly the content of the new update from Unpaper.

We get it – it is tough to remember your login details for any app. It is also troublesome to reset the password each time you forget it. But these details are absolutely necessary to keep your data safe and secure. What if we told you we figured out how to balance the two – secure your data while making logging in easy? With this new update you will have the freedom to choose your own login means.

Multiple login methods

You will now be able to choose from three different methods to access your Unpaper account

Unpaper login ID: This is the same method which was always present. You can continue to login in the same way you always did.

Registered mail ID: You can also choose to use your mail ID to login to Unpaper. This should be the same mail ID you linked with your Unpaper account. If you haven’t linked your mail ID yet, contact your admin or do so yourself in your profile.

Registered phone number: Finally, you can also use your phone number to login. As with the mail ID, this number should also be linked to your account.

Forget your password

Once you choose the login ID as you like, you can also choose your own way to authenticate your account.

  • Unpaper Password: If you remember your password, you can use it to login. Just like it always was. This password works with any of the login methods you choose – login ID, mail, or phone number.
  • One time password: In case you forgot your password, you can always rely on using an OTP. Once you click the “Get OTP” button, a unique 6 digit number will be sent to both your mail address and phone number. Simply enter the number and you are logged in to Unpaper.

This is but one of the many advanced features that will come to Unpaper. Start now to gain an edge over the others and become a power user. What’s stopping you from trying Unpaper today? Sign up for free and experience the latest trend in tax professional industry.

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