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One major problem that takes a lot of time from a tax professional’s work day is team member permissions. Without using any work management software, the best you can do is a blanket authorization to a few people while the rest don’t have it. This does not leave a lot of room to fine tune which member can do exactly what.

Unpaper aims to solve that problem with the latest feature – Roles. With this new feature, you will be able to create custom roles that suit your work style and assign them to various team members.

Create roles that you want

We don’t want to disrupt the way you work. You have complete control on any role you create – right from what you call it to the minute things that role is allowed to do. You could have a team member who can edit tasks but can’t raise new tasks, a team leader who can also create new tasks but can’t edit client data, and an admin who can change client information.

Your roles as you want them

Choose from an extensive list of permissions for each role you create. Changing the permissions is as easy as flipping a switch, in this case flipping multiple switches one after the other. This makes it seamless to create the exact role that you pictured in your mind.

Assign roles with a simple click

Assign these roles you created to the right person with a simple click. Those with the permission to change roles can do so by visiting the user’s profile and clicking on change role. This makes the entire process of creating a role, granting permissions, and assigning a role as easy as humanly possible.

This is but one of the many advanced features that will come to Unpaper. Start now to gain an edge over the others and become a power user. What’s stopping you from trying Unpaper today? Sign up for free and experience the latest trend in tax professional industry.

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