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The office of a tax professional is bound to have multiple teams for its smooth operation. These teams generally work towards a set of tasks, and share some data and clients. To enable CA firms and help them get the most of their teams, Unpaper launched its brand new feature. It is appropriately titled –

Team Management Tips
5 ways to maximize team efficiency

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”, goes an English saying. Team performance is the best performance in a world that is so dynamically changing. Managing a team to ensure they are at their most effective state is a challenge that should be welcomed with open arms. Once the way

Team Management Tips
Stages of Team Development

Teamwork and Team player are regularly used terms to boost one’s desirability in a working environment. A firm always seeks to hire an individual who can mesh well with its framework. An individual seeks to work in an environment where the workload is split. To ideally deal with the problems that arise in a competitive

Tips for Effective Leadership
Tips for Effective leadership skills in the emergi...

Leadership skills are in demand in the current market. Any organization or a firm which wants to prosper and progress needs such leadership qualities. A Leader is someone who can identify and analyze an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. He/She becomes a vital force in driving them towards a positive direction. A leader is the defining

Employee empowerment
Tips To Empower The Employee In The Workplace

An organization or a firm is an intricate system built to cater to the needs of the market and clients. It’s an umbrella hosting individuals and teams that work in unison towards a common goal. An organization, in its journey towards excellence and opportunities should never neglect the building blocks that form the firm, that

Team Management Tips
5 Top tips for better team management in a CA prac...

Rome was not built in a day. A single person did not build it. Thousands of people with varying caliber worked together to make it happen gradually over a period of time. It is an architectural marvel for the world to behold. All great things take time, patience and discipline to go from good to

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