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There are so many diversions in this fast paced world. It is easy to lose track of the numerous things that we have to do on any particular day. Managing and compartmentalizing the ‘to do list’ has become a prominent way of handling number of tasks without losing track. Having a so called ‘task list’ is important for any firm or its individuals. It helps in making a number of tasks manageable.

When you are working for an organization, it is important that you contribute to the firm as a whole. By meticulously performing tasks assigned to you, you are being an useful asset. It is breezy when the work is relatively less. But as an accountant or an accounting firm, your world revolves on seasonal deadlines. Once that particular season arrives, you are neck deep and behind schedule in your task completion. Sometimes there will be unreasonable amount of work. But it becomes relatively easier to handle if you understand how to utilize a task list to its full potential.


It is not entirely unprecedented to feel like it is a hassle to take time out of your busy schedule to prepare a ‘to do list’. Sure, having a task list helps but is it really necessary to waste time on setting up a task list planner and plan my to do list accordingly?

It might seem like an hassle, but at the end of the day having a to list will more than make up for the time you spend on planning it.

The reason being that, you have a clear vision on what needs to be done, what will be done and what was done. Having something of a ‘to do list’ or an ‘online to do list’ in this age of technology, will not only help you set your pace but also keep you more confident as you work through the list. Keeping a task list is much more important for accounting firms. It is as an essential tool towards the development of the firm.

By spending time on a ‘to do list planner; and preparing a task list before you tackle the day, would prove more rewarding than you think. When the workforce of the firm gets used to setting up a to do list, it will benefit both the firm and the employees. The amount of work being done will be more manageable. Having a task list also helps in risk mitigation. In case you are stuck at some task due to an unforeseeable event, you can quickly regroup and move onto the next task on the task list without losing track. You can come back to the pending task Once the barricade is gone. This will keep the efficiency high.


It might still be a concern that you are taking time out of your schedule to perform a task list planning when you are too busy. Modern problems require modern solutions. As an accountant or an accounting firm you must choose the right tools for your battle against deadlines. A tool, which will help you view the task list, whenever and wherever.


Unpaper is one such tool that boasts to help you keep track of all your work in the form an interactive task list with all the filters you will ever need. It is accessible through simple login and will give you the latest updates on the ongoing ,pending tasks and much more. You can take a look at it as a whole or you can filter it as you like. The unpaper’s task list will provide you the information you are looking for at any point of time. It gives you the information if a task has been completed, whom it has been assigned to, if anyone has picked up on your work, with what reasons it has been pending, and how is the schedule of the said work coming along.

This task list in itself is concise and it gets real time updates as soon as there is a change. This way you can always check and see where your task is standing. This tool not only helps you organize and understand your tasks, but also saves you time so that you can focus your valuable time elsewhere.

Unpaper also provides different set of filters that will help you filter the information. You can use criteria such as task status, department or the due date. This way you can look at the task list as you want and how you want it.

It is smart to have a to do list planned, but it is smarter to have a tool like unpaper do it for you.

A task list helps you more than you think. It is an information at glance. It makes you understand all the things that are happening without spending more time than necessary. Having a task list will definitely help you or your firm.

In the end it might sound very simple. But it is the simplest things that we tend to forget in our chase towards excellence. (Maybe build a task list for that ? 😉 )

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