Time Management Tips

Time is important. A moment lost never comes back. It is important to do the right thing at the right time for maximum impact.

A common observation about humans is we tend to forget doing one thing when we are after another activity. It is important to know that sticky notes came to be for this reason.

Another important thing to learn about the human brain is its ability to think spatially and not just linear all the time. You might have noticed that when you are busy in one activity a productive idea about another project comes. You are not alone. A lot of us have this experience.

Sometimes these spatial thoughts also involve sudden memory of a deadline missed or a deed that should have been done.

It is no doubt targets, meeting deadlines, commitment towards them are sacrosanct in all professions, more so in professions like the chartered accountancy practice, tax accounting, legal services and the likes as the stakes are high when one misses a deadline in these professions. A missed deadline in the case of these professions can translate into hefty fines, loss of a lucrative opportunity or worse still, a tangle with the law.

Is there a way to avoid these issues?

Yes! Most definitely! The way to avoid these issues is called – reminders.

Yes! Reminders in the form of work notifications or task reminders!

How to use these reminders?

This is the most important question to answer – how best to use practice management reminders!

Before understanding the way to use these reminders, it’s important to understand the nature of a CA practice. Usually a well qualified CA leads it. He/she has team or teams of people reporting in on various tasks. Most of the team that reports to the CA is not at the same level of intellect. Their knowledge of statutory compliance is at different levels of maturity. The system used for reminding on tasks needs to be simple and efficient. Design the task reminders to be self explanatory. They should influence a fruitful action towards completion of a task. In that sense, the reminders can be based on the intended group.

Team reminders

One situation in a CA office that doesn’t change is the atmosphere around the time of tax filing. An unspoken form of brotherhood drives the whole CA office to successfully maneuver the grueling hours of work before every tax filing season. The team of people working in CA offices during these months put in anything between 18 to 20 hour work days. Tax filing reminders can make this period of time in a financial year relatively organized and less crazy. A collective team reminder on the general timelines applicable to various entities is one way of doing it. You can tag a certain client management with a particular member/team to ensure correct tax filing.

Client reminders

Getting information from clients can become a task in itself. Albeit, it is important to be tenacious about this basic information securing as it directs the course of action on various statutory compliance. Set up practice management reminders to ensure clients share and update needed information. You win half the battle this way. Ensure your systems integrate client responses. This becomes the responsibility of the CA office.

Due date reminders

The CA practice literally revolves around due dates at various fronts. Individuals have a different timeline of tax filing. Companies and large scale organizations have another set of dates to comply to. Same set of people work on multiple clients. To avoid human errors and to ensure compliance on time, it is important to set work notifications in line with due date. Trigger the notifications through SMS on every stakeholders mobile or work email or on a common calendar invite.

Your bottom line is to ensure work gets done well. Notifications are used to ensure that work gets done in time.

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