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Accounting world revolves around deadlines. Though usually, firms provide year-round service to their clients, much of their work is seasonal. Dealing with this seasonal work becomes a major challenge. 90% of the accounting firms fail to handle it well. Hence, it’s not a surprise that best work management software has made a mark on accountants globally. Though the trend to use top work management software in CA practice management is relatively new in India, the trend is surely catching up. Here’s a list of five must have features for best task management software in your CA practice.

What kind of work is happening?

A key question that is often asked in a CA firm is what kind(s) of work is happening. This is a question across all kinds of professions. However, in case of a CA firm, the diversity of work happening across clients is pretty wide. In such a scenario, it is imperative for a manager to have a clear picture of various tasks and jobs scheduled today, tomorrow, the whole of this week and the next. This clarity along with an option to view the owner of the jobs, deadlines due helps decision making. Naturally this feature is right at the top of the list when choosing best work management software.

Who is doing what?

After what comes, the next W- who is doing what?  A unique feature about teams in a chartered accountant’s office is the mix of seasoned professionals and amateur professionals or the interns. The extent of knowledge, dexterity and information they have naturally varies. Most often, the interns report into seasoned professionals on various tasks of a job. For a manager or the CA who leads the practice, it is of vital importance to know who is doing what kind of a job. This helps make best use of resources while balancing the use of collective knowledge present in the firm. Top work management software should be able to provide 100% transparency in this aspect.

Where is each specific task standing?

The third most important W is where each specific task is standing? Specific to the nature of jobs and tasks in a CA firm is the gestation period for each task. This is due to the dependence on various government agencies to adhere to compliances. So a task can sometimes be complete for the time being but can open up at a later date. Good task management software for a CA practice should be able to clearly provide information on that status of each specific task.

What is the status on compliances?

Compliances are the life blood of a CA practice. It is THE reason a CA is important for the success of a business. Naturally leading task management software should be able to intuitively suggest the pending compliances for a client. The list of compliances along with the status should be thrown up with a simple search. This feature ensures there are no fires to douse during the busy season. All client files are up to speed with respect to compliances so the operational elements can be attended to.

What kind of communication support is available?

Last but not the least is the communication support provided by work management software. Integration of SMS & Email ensures all status changes regarding a job or task are communicated to important stakeholders periodically, thus ensuring no gaps in communication across board. Among the whole lot of work management software’s available, Unpaper is one work management software that has the above mentioned and more features specifically designed for a CA practice.

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