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Technology in the workplace is changing rapidly. Most businesses are moving to digital for all work needs. Large, medium, and small scaled organizations are all open to the idea of digitally powered workplace due to the immediate rise in efficiency it brings to the table. CA firms are fast catching up on digital workspaces for obvious benefits in efficiency and more importantly, easy information retrieval.

Data is the most important of assets in this time of information explosion. In the case of a CA firm, the importance of data multiplies tenfold.

How best to manage data for a CA firm in a digital space?

New technology in workplace has made managing data highly secure and organized. Everything in a CA firm starts with one or the other kind of document. A single client file can have anything between 200 to 300 pieces of unique documents. Imagine such numbers multiplied with all the clients a CA firm has! That’s a lot of data to have! How best to manage such data? Here are three best practices to follow:-

Best practice 1 – Digitize the data

A CA firm has lot of physical documents. These occupy space; make it difficult to retrieve information, prone to physical damage and information loss, if anything untoward happens. One of the primary impacts of technology in the workplace is the ability to digitize everything. Convert all your physical files into digital copies. They are handy, easy to retrieve, use, and document. Compressing the files into smaller sized documents is another additional benefit digitization provides.

Best practice 2 – Organize the data

The points of garnering data in a CA firm are atypical to other organizations. The range of clients can include entities from midsize to large economy. The data shared by the clients can be delivered in varied formats like email, files saved on pen drives, file transfers on whatsapp and the works. True test of technology in the workplace is to integrate this multitude of sources to organize the data, save it and keep it ready for use. A central repository of data source is a big boon to keep the office space efficiently running.

Best practice 3 -Secure the data

Once the data is digitized and organized, the next bit is to secure it for times to come. Any document can get highly relevant in a short period of time with a change in policy. So, no document pertaining to a client in a CA firm ever becomes redundant. One of the best boons of new technology in the workplace is access to cloud storage. All the information in the CA firm is secured in cloud with almost negligible chances of information leakage or loss. It avoids the costs of local data storage and helps the cause of remotely accessing data even on the move.

Handling data efficiently is half the battle won for a CA firm. The other half is about handling work.

How best to handle work in a CA office?

One of the many benefits of technology in the workplace is the ability to completely digitize the workplace dynamics. Digital workflows can totally replace human interference in setting up routine, repetitive, and mundane office tasks. Task management systems can be used to assign, monitor and track tasks in a team. They offer features that enable best use of resources in an office space.

Simple change of practice to using a digital calendar to schedule work improves planning and focuses instantly. It not only reduces the cognitive load of repetitive tasks but also frees up resources for next level work.

The bottom line is technology is here to stay. It is imperative to make it part of every office space so human effort can be diverted to productive avenues.

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