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Excellence is a journey, not a destination; and we at Unpaper are always in the pursuit of excellence. We yearn to make our product satisfy all your needs. The existing users know most of their daily work needs are met with by Unpaper as it is today. There are, however, a few features that almost everyone requested universally. We at Unpaper ardently believe in improving and updating ourselves. And as a way to reinforce our belief, we have new features on the way.

Here’s an update on what our team has been vigorously working on over the past few months, and what changes you can expect in Unpaper over the next few months.

The face-lift update

Our UI/UX team has worked tirelessly to improve the interface of the product and make it more intuitive. Existing users will experience a breath of fresh air when the update is rolled out by the end of this month, August 2019. The new users are sure to find the new interface very welcoming too. This change makes the application upto 40% faster, ensuring the work is done more efficiently. We also worked on making your data even more secure, ensuring you get the best possible data safety possible. We also fixed a few minor bugs to keep the experience more consistent. Here’s a glimpse of a few changes you can expect to see.

Teams and Roles

Unpaper gets better to use with more people using it. With more teams comes greater responsibilities, and we have just the right feature for such firms. With “Teams”, users can now create custom teams with specified access controls. Larger firms often have multiple teams, each doing a specific set of tasks. This feature would immensely help in bringing order to things. Interaction with each team is easier and effective.
Another feature coming up is restricting access through assigned roles. Now, each user can be assigned a role ranging from admin to article, each with their own level of access. Team members of one team given read-only access to another team and vice versa. Custom roles can also be created as per the needs of the organisation. Hence, this will help collaboration without effecting your security.

These two sought after features will be available exclusively in the pro version of Unpaper.

Other features:

One other feature we’re gunning for by the end of September is getting reports. Being an efficiency increasing tool, it makes complete sense for Unpaper to have the ability to get reports on performance whenever required. With this, you will be able to get custom reports as per your requirement which are certain to boost your firm’s performance.

Other features in the pipeline:

Clearly, the features listed above do not encompass the entirety of the requirements we received. We have developed a list of features, based on the need in the market, and we hope to release updates every fortnight. Here is a brief about the features you can expect to see in the coming months

  • Billing: Billing is one of the most asked features, and is very high on the priority list. As soon as this update is released, you will be able to generate bills and invoices using the application itself. You will be able to assign value/fees to the tasks created, and track the monetary aspect of the tasks. These will be very comprehensive in nature, so that’s one burden off your shoulder.
  • Recurring tasks: We know there are certain tasks that you have to raise every month, and Unpaper will help you automate it once this feature is updated. You will be able to raise multiple repeating tasks per client and utilize the time saved elsewhere.
  • Email integration: Communication with your clients will become more streamlined with the integration of email in Unpaper. This will come with a slew of other features including in app communication, auto task create, bulk mail and sms, and mail scheduler. Hence it is certain to make Unpaper the only app you will ever need to manage all your operations.
  • Compliance reporting: This feature would ensure you never miss any deadline of any client ever again. In case any new rule is introduced it is dealt with as the feature rolls out. Since you are curious to know, Stick around for this update, to find out!

We at unpaper are always striving to meet your expectations and needs. Which is why, we always are on the lookout to improve ourselves, so that we can provide you a better experience in using the CA practice management software. The new features will be up and running soon. And as we tackle the future together, more updates and features will be coming your way. So keep an eye out for the amazing work management software, that is unpaper.

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