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Accounting firms have become necessary in the grander scheme of things. Having Chartered Accountant firms take care of auditing and finances has been a successful endeavor. Therefore allowing an accounting firm work on the taxes, accounts and finances lessens the burden in various areas. Chartered Accountant firms are the solution if you do not want to get lost in the labyrinth of financial aspects.

CA Firm Growth Curve

Chartered Accountant firms have been growing in number at an incredible pace. With the advent of the internet and the digital markets, establishing an Accountant firm has come long way in the last decade. Most of the work done by an Accounting firm is need to do basis. Because a lot of their work is seasonal, a Chartered Accountant firm is always scrambling to maintain the level and integrity of work towards their clients.

It is easier now compared to the last two decades to establish an Accounting firm. But it has become proportionally harder to maintain the firm with the fierce competition in the market. Before we speak about the techniques to get business for a new CA firm. We should talk about how would you measure the growth of a CA firm.

CA firm Clients are the part and parcel of the Accounting business. Without clients, an Accounting firm is like the lost city of Atlantis, no one will ever know if you exist or not. In order to measure the growth and success of an Accounting firm, you need to look at the clients. It is always important to provide services that will make the client want to stick with your firm.

Techniques to get business for a new Chartered Accountant firm.

As stated earlier, clients are the bloodline of any Accounting firm. So in order to establish yourself as pioneer in Accounting, it is important to maintain and attract clients. If we go by the order, the first thing for any new CA firm is to

  • Attract clients: Emphasis on ‘client is the god’ is never understated. As a new CA firm, it might look a bit difficult to go up against the well established firms. But what you need to understand is that, clients are always open to more modern experiences. As long as you do something different and new , you will always find yourself surrounded by clients. This can be in the form of a quirky advertising or creating targeted client experiences. You can also use social media to reach out to different categories of people. Use modern tools like unpaper. Maybe speak about what you will be doing differently. Create an interest, a buzz. Let the clients take a second look. There is no such thing as selling yourself too much.
  • Use scintillating marketing: Everybody likes a good marketing strategy. Maybe think about giving launch offers, or provide the clients an incentive to make them choose you. It is important to come up with a solid strategy. Once your strategy is in place, it is all about making the clients notice your firm. Since you are trying to make a name for your firm at this point. Getting as many clients as possible should be the goal.
  • Maintain your clients: This is a very crucial part for any Accounting firm. Maintaining the clients is the biggest challenge for any New Chartered Accountant firm. Nothing will help you here, other than good old fashioned hard work and commitment to the client. A firm which always caters to the needs of the client, will always prosper. By providing personalized solutions as well as maintaining the transparent flow of information will go a long way.

Having satisfied clients will not only help you maintain your existing pool of clients, but will also serve as marketing for acquiring the next set of clients. Running an Accounting firm will be a handful, but you take care of your clients, they will take care of you back.

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