Unpaper is one of the top work management software to keep an eye on. Whether it is the ease of tracking the work, or the user friendly interface. Unpaper has been addressing the many concerns of the CA field and making things easier for everyone. The client feedback and the user feedback have all been phenomenal. Which is why Unpaper has decided to take this response from all around and make it even bigger.


If you are already wondering as to what is new about Unpaper, hold on to your seats because this journey of improvement and excellence will begin shortly. Before that, we at Unpaper would like to thank our customers for all the support and feedback provided. It is this support that has enabled us to make it this far, and this is what is going to make Unpaper bigger than ever. So without further ado, lets begin the journey to the new and improved Unpaper.


The users have loved the framework that comes with Unpaper. It has met the requirements and has catered to the needs of the users with various backgrounds. Unpaper is always improving and progressing to keep up with times and with the users. The new design of framework makes everything 40% faster. That’s right, everything you did in the previous version of Unpaper, is now that much faster and will save you that much time. Not only has it gotten faster, it has also gotten smoother with its all new User Interface. The new UI has brought a lot of changes in the aesthetic design of Unpaper, making it more user friendly than ever. It also brings the most requested options and helps navigating through the tool a breeze.

It is not just the total framework that got an upgrade but also the functional parts of the tool.


The new version of contacts comes with cool new features compared to its predecessor .Now you can use filters to search through an entire array of contacts with ease. This is to make sure the users have an easier time in filtering out the contacts which are needed. Apart from the filters, users can now create groups of contacts. You can add multiple contacts under one group making it easier for an organization to go through its contact list. Unlike before you can now add an primary contact so that all communication will through the primary contact. If you decide to leave that field blank, you will still receive communication on your own contact.

Unpaper - Facelift Profile
Unpaper - Facelift Address & Contact details


Client brings forth the changes that lot of users have been looking forward to. Apart from the better UI and ease of adding a client information, there have been lot more changes. Most notable change would be the ability to now create the contact while creating a new client instead of only selecting the existing contact.

Unpaper - Facelift Client creation

Unpaper now also introduces the business activity on the client page. With business activity, you can now add additional client business details. Things like client managers enable you to associate a specific user to be responsible for a particular client. You can also add the client to a particular group via the client page. You can select the business activity of the client to make sure you have all the important information at glance.

The users now have the ability to filter through the client managers. And unlike before where to delete a client, you need to delete all their task, you can now delete the client and all the concerned info is moved to the respective trash folder.

Unpaper - Facelift Client profile


Tasks have now been transformed into a much more powerful space. The tasks now have a quick action tool bar. This enables you to create tasks, add new attachments, add notifications, send communications without having to visit each tab separately. They are all present on the top and freely accessible. The task completion feature will now show the percentage of the task completion which makes it easier to know where the task stands without having to follow up several times. Minor changes to the “pending at” tab changing it into “assigned to” in order to make sure everyone is on the same page of clarity.

The more notable features added to tasks is the priority of the task. While all the tasks done are important, by assigning the severity to a task, it sets a priority of the focus and urgency for a particular task which is important when multiple users are working on different tasks. Activity tab has been moved to the forefront in order to give up-to-date information first on the particular task, making it easy to look at the activity done. In order to better understand business details of the task, client and contact information tabs have been added, to directly check the client and contact for a particular task, in the task itself.

Unpaper - Facelift Client GST details


The user tab has seen a revamp to better fit to the clients needs. The notable change in UI and the ability to see more readily available information in the user tab itself, makes it easier for the users. A new feature allows the admin to classify a particular user as ‘suspended’. The suspended user will have his access restricted and would receive no notifications or updates regarding the tasks any further. New tasks cannot be added to the suspended user. This can be undone by the admin, ‘activating’ the suspended user again.

With the new update, we are bringing forth great features and good tidings. This is a big improvement on its predecessor to make sure that one of the top work management tools will always answer to the expectations of its users. The main aim of Unpaper has always been striving towards excellence. This new update of Unpaper carries forward the torch of excellence with all its new features and interfaces.

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