We all know the deadline for linking Aadhar and PAN is soon approaching. It is essential to know which clients have their details linked, and which do not. This might seem easy at the first glance, but when the number of clients is in the order of hundreds, if not thousands, it becomes anything but trivial. To address this particular issue, Unpaper released a new update.

You can get automatic Aadhar-PAN link status now using Unpaper. To do this, both the PAN and Aadhar details should be updated in the KYC section of the client page. Read on for more details.

To start off, you will see a notice on your dashboard. This is regarding the new compliance about linking aadhar and pan. Clicking on “Get report” takes you to the list of clients and the current status of their PAN-Aadhar link. The report displays PAN, Aadhar number, and also the Aadhar link status. If any client has any of the details missing, this report also lets you add them. You can do this by pressing the edit button (or simply double clicking near the field you want to edit).

You can also get the link status for any specific client by visiting the “KYC info” section in the client page. Here, you will find the status under the Income Tax window. Note that you still need to link Aadhar and PAN, and Unpaper only gives a status on whether or not they are linked.

One additional feature with the new update is email verification. Every user will be asked to verify his/her email ID upon logging in. This is a one-time activity. All the user needs to do is click on the “Update Email” button that is prompted on the dashboard. After entering the email ID, a verification link is sent to it.

Once the email is verified, the users will get email notification when a task is assigned to them. The email verification is also being done to be prepared for few of the future updates. These updates involve emails and have been requested a lot! Stay tuned to know more about the future updates.

The Aadhar-PAN link status is the first of many compliance assistance that will come to Unpaper. What’s stopping you from trying Unpaper today? Sign up for free and experience the latest trend in tax professional industry.

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