Unpaper is a new age software work management tool that is both powerful and simple. It is replacing the traditional way of work done by tax professionals in the Chartered accountant world.

Tax professionals are always under the duress of deadlines. It takes long man hours and following up with different departments and various organizational blocks to gather information on one particular task. This process is not only strenuous mentally and physically but also time taking. Speaking probability wise, the traditional way of work has much lower chance of completion within the timeline as various components keep adding up. Components that can be people, departments or the clients themselves add up to the uncertainty of gathering all the critical financial information on time. When you pass documents hand to hand, or via traditional way of messaging and texting, it leaves a huge chunk of vulnerability. Struggling to get your information before you deadline would be the last thing you want to do.

Changing Times

Things are changing around us, and work is streamlined more efficiently than before. You should ask yourself – Are we following an outdated process? The traditional way of working was sufficient when there wasn’t a huge amount of data adding everyday. It is such an overhead for any firm.

For instance, there are times where you would have to reach your teammates or coworkers for a supporting piece of information that is necessary. You could reach them on their phone, or via text messaging, even Whatsapp or any social media. But there are several things that could go wrong there. They would not be able to help you on spot, away from their work space or they wouldn’t be reachable at all. The information you have collected that needs to be immediately documented or retrieved would inevitably be delayed. You would have to go through a lot to avoid such cases. With the power of work management software, you don’t have to.

When you invest in a software work management tool, you are investing to avoid such scenarios. By having the ability to be able to communicate through the software, your team and the information they possess are under one roof. When you step in the software, all the information you need is at your fingertips. All the work done by your team is tracked and placed in a safe space for you and your firm. This trumps the need to go to each individual and spend the time you can’t afford.

Keeping up with the Times

Having a work management software also solves a problem for all generations of tax professionals. The communication for information between you, the client, and your firm. When a client signs up with your organization, a singular point of contact is assigned to get the basic financial information. This could be a simple information such as name and address, or critical information such as PAN card and their GSTIN number. The problem arises when the team that is working on filing the returns has no direct contact with the person who gathered the information. Reaching out to the department to get the needed information would become an overhead and cause delays in filing the important information. This is something that needs to be avoided.

Having a work management software helps you enter the information as soon as you get it. The point of contact would just log the information under the specific task or specific client. The software network is open to the various teams that are working for the filing. This ensures the quick transfer of information, even if the department or the person is unreachable. Entering the data in the software, also ensures that the data is not misplaced or lost. Critical deadlines can be met on time.

Moving ahead of times

We should also point out how the traditional way of record keeping is long past its time. Having realms of paper used, storage devices such as hard disk drives kept aside is no longer viable. Sure, it would work for a small amount of information, but as the data keeps piling up, it becomes harder to manage. Retrieving any data by physically accessing all the files in the storage devices would be a colossal task. Your employee would do well to invest the time elsewhere. This becomes even bigger when you have to network with different departments. A department that has basic information, and a department that has the financial information needs to collaborate with the department that is filing the client’s taxes. This would take out the time that could have been used for filing.

As the client base increases, the manpower invested in just filing would be humongous. And the requests for clients for different things throughout the year would become harder to track. Even though a department has worked for the same client in the past, when a new task comes from the same client after a gap, the digging is not a pleasant sight. This is a very important point to iterate how every firm needs to move onto a work management software. The data entry can be done in to the tool. And once the data is in place, no matter what task arises, or what department has worked on it before. The data is available to all the departments. The data can be updated as needed and you are saving huge paper costs and storage space in your workplace. And you will be doing your part for the environment.

Everyone stays happy.

Modern Solution

The data storage on the work management software also ensures a high level of security and scalability. When a new task comes in or new information needs to be added for the same client, it is done with ease. By having the client information and task information on an online drive in your work management software, you can rest easy. In case of an unfortunate incident that might lead to loss of hardware or physically located hard disks and data, your data would still be available in the drive. It is accessible from anyplace. You can also password protect your client data, or restrict access to a particular set of data. This ensures that the data is not seen by unauthorized personnel. You can track the data and ensure the data quality. Most of all, this kind of communication through the software is a very powerful tool in your arsenal.

Unpaper works to handle all these for you. It was designed to keep up with all the tasks that are being done in your firm. It brings all your tax professionals,clients and your employees under one place. A firm moving towards success should invest in a good work management software like Unpaper.

Once you start using it, you would wonder how you ever lived without it. The times are changing, and with Unapaper, you can keep up with it.

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