How to Add a Client

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Only existing contacts can be made as Clients. If the contact does not exist, first add contact.

Create new Contact and save as Client:

  • Go to Contact list from the menu on top left. 
    • Menu > Contact >
  • Click +New Contact.
  • Select if the contact is a Person or an Organization, then enter other details.
  • If more than 1 Teams, select the Team the contact should be saved to. If no teams, all contacts are saved to Default.
  • Click Save to add new contact.
  • On Contact Page, Click +Make as Client
  • Select constitution of client and sub-constitution if applicable.
  • Click Create to Add as Client.

Add existing Contact as Client:

  1. Open contact you want to add as client.
    • Menu > Contacts > contact you want to add as client.
  2. Click +Make as Client
  3. Select constitution of client and sub-constitution if applicable.
  4. Click Create to Add as Client.

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