4. Create Teams and Roles

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Data access control is more than just restricting unauthorized access to data, it is also about letting in the right people. ‘Who accesses what’ is a major concern for tax practitioners as client confidentiality is of paramount importance.

What are Teams?

By creating Teams, you can have complete control over who has access to your client data. You can create and change Teams as per your requirement. For instance,

  • VIP clients are generally handled by select team members. You can add these members to a particular Team to give them exclusive access, effectively restricting everyone else.
  • CA Practices with multiple branches can categorize their clients accordingly – members of a branch can have access to that particular branch’s clients only.
  • When your team members are working on different tasks, creating exclusive groups for them enables easier communication and workflow amongst them. Again, each team would have exclusive access to their clients.

Effective utilization of ‘Teams’ enables users to keep their data safe. Limited access to interns or complete editorial permission to all users, change your settings according to your requirement.

How To Create a Team 

All users are added to a Default Team. If you wish to create additional teams, please follow the below steps:

  1. Select Menu>Teams
  2. Click on +New Team
  3. Enter your Team Name and required details
  4. Click Add Users and select the users you want to include in the Team
  5. Select the Clients and Tasks you want to provide access to

What are Roles?

Roles is a unique feature from Unpaper that lets you define the extent of each team member’s access. By assigning roles, you can now control the extent of work a team member can do within the team. You could have a team member who can edit tasks but can’t raise new tasks, a team leader who can create new tasks but can’t edit client data, and an admin who can change client information.

How to Assign Roles

Create and assign roles with a simple click – no more blanket permissions needed. However, only Admins and Super-Admins have the power to change the default permissions.

To define the roles of team members:

  1. Select Menu>Admin
  2. Click on Manage Roles
  3. Customize the Roles as you require.

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