3. Task Management Guide

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Work is simple with Unpaper. We ensure you do not spend hours on repetitive tasks, there’s no more need for status meetings. Unpaper gives you the complete picture of what is happening at work, even when you are not at work. Individual logins with cloud access ensure all your team members can view client data and the required documents. You can now get started with creating and assigning tasks.

How to use Unpaper in your daily work?

You begin by assigning tasks – just like you do in your office everyday. But now, you have an online record of each task that was created, the assigned persons, who contributed to it, when it is due, its priority level. This are just some of the features. As you use Unpaper, you will find that the features work together, increasing your efficiency everyday.

You can add a new Task from Task list or Client page.

From Task list:
  1. Go to Tasks from the menu on top left.
    • Menu > Task.
  2. Click + New Task.
  3. Select the client you want to create a Task.
  4. Select DepartmentRequest Type and options if applicable. These details will help you categorize tasks better.
  5. Click Create to create Task.
From Client page:
  1. Go to client list from the menu on top left.
    • Menu > Clients.
  2. Open client you want to create the task for.
  3. Select DepartmentRequest Type and options if applicable. These details will help you categorize tasks better.
  4. Click Create to create Task.

Once the task is created, add details such as Status, Due Date, Priority level. As each user works on the task, it is important to update the Activity log which records every change/update to the task.

Every task created is recorded forever. No more searching for notes scribbled on bits of papers, no more forgetting due dates.

How to use Tasks to increase efficiency?

Tasks have tools that you can use on a daily basis to increase your efficiency. Below are some of the key features and how they come in handy for users.

  • Task status- a quick note helps everyone working on the task know the latest update at a glance
  • Percentage of completion – shows how much work was done, especially when multiple members are working on the task
  • Due date- sets clear delivery dates and helps you plan your schedule well in time
  • Priority levels- know which tasks take precedence. When multiple tasks are due on same date, you can prioritize your work based on urgency of task.
  • Total duration of task- an accurate way to track the time spent on each task.
  • Activity log- every change to the task is noted here automatically. You can also manually add any changes or updates you did.

The features of Unpaper are designed to be in sync with each other and you. All the above features are accessible by the click of a button, and are an efficient, accurate way to record your contribution to the works.

Powerful work management tool.

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