2. Create Contacts & Clients

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Create your contact list

Your contact list on Unpaper is more than just names and numbers. With no limit on the number of contacts you can create, this list encompasses all the people you work with. Your contact list is backed up, remotely accessible and access controlled by you.  

Classify your contacts for easy reference

You can create two types of contacts on Unpaper. When you create a contact, Unpaper provides the option to select your contacts as a “Person” or an “Organization”. 
Having the option to create clients as persons or organizations gives you the versatility you need to organize your contact list. If your contact is an organization, you can select the composition too. You can filter your contacts based on their constitutions to view them all at once. 

Adding contacts in Unpaper is easy. You can create each contact or bulk import all at once. We suggest Bulk import for new users as it saves a lot of time and effort. New contacts can later be individually added as you make more acquaintances. 

How to Add a Contact
  1. Go to Contact list from the menu on top left.
    • Menu > Contact >
  2. Click +New Contact.
  3. Select if the contact is a Person or an Organization, then enter other details.
  4. Click Save to add that contact to contacts list.

Mark Contacts as Clients

After adding your contacts, you can mark them as clients by the click of a button. As simple as that! Reach out to your clients from Unpaper by sending them an SMS directly from the application.

How to Add a Client 
  • Open contact you want to add as client.
    • Menu > Contacts > contact you want to add as client.
  • Click +Add as Client
  • Select constitution of client and sub-constitution if applicable.
  • Click Create to Add as Client.

Once your contact and client list is ready, you can go ahead and start creating tasks for them.  

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