1. Where do I begin?

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What can I do using Unpaper?

Unpaper provides the platform for you and your team members to work together with instant real-time updates. Using Unpaper you can view what is happening across your organization, who is working on what and the various tasks handled by your team. The big picture is now presented in the easiest format.

First things first

Let’s get your team on-board. The first step to transition online is creating your workspace, which was achieved with the first sign up from your team. Only one sign-up is required for your organization, in which the Admin is decided. After the first sign up, the Admin can begin providing access to team members by creating Users. 

Each team member becomes a unique User. Users can login to Unpaper using their unique login ID, registered email address or phone number. Sharing passwords is not recommended as each user may have different levels of access.

Creating users is to be done by authorized persons only. If you were added as a user, please do not create new users or accounts without checking with your team first.

How to create users? 

You have to be an Admin to Add, Edit or Delete Users.

  • Go to Admin page from the menu on top left. 
  • Select Manage User from user menu.
  • Click +Add User.
  • Enter required details, then click Next.
  • Enter Login ID.
  • Enter password (or) auto generate password. 
  • Confirm the details and click Create Account.

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