Your organization is sure to have tons of client files and information. These are maintained with different team members and in different places. It consumes a lot of your work-time to find a file or information from that huge pile. Keeping all these files organized and in sync with your team is one of the biggest challenges faced by CA firms like yours.

It is great to have your data saved in the same place as your tasks, communications, and client information. Unpaper does this very efficiently. This means you spend less time organizing your files and more time focusing on your work. The data is saved on a shared cloud. This helps greatly in team collaboration and saves a lot of time.

Let’s have a look at how exactly Unpaper helps tax professionals when it comes to data management.

Files are neatly organized

If you’re in business, you create documents. This statement couldn’t be more true for tax professionals. New clients get added frequently and repetitive tasks are handled for each client on a daily basis. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of files that are created. Finding a specific file could very well become the toughest part of a task if it is not stored properly. With Unpaper, every client has a folder, and every task has a folder. All the files are neatly organized with an in-built folder structure. With this, any file you want is only a few clicks away.

Find information instantly

Organizing your data is only the first step in managing all the data of your firm. All the various storage levels mean nothing if the data is not available on your finger tips when needed. In the specific case of a CA firm, information is mainly needed while working on that specific task. It only makes sense to have the information at the same place as the task you are working on. This is exactly what happens when you use Unpaper. In Unpaper, client information and files are in the same place as your tasks. Relevant data is ready to access while within the task. So you don’t have to switch the tabs or your focus.

Control the access

Another key aspect of proper data management is access control. In today’s data driven world, having access to information has become very crucial in all fields of work. While it is necessary to give access to information to the smooth running of the firm, it is more important to restrict access appropriately to prevent data breaches. Unpaper gives you total control of your data. You get to decide who has access to specific information and who doesn’t. You can also restrict a user to access the data to only their assigned clients. With this level of control, you can rest assured that your data is very secure.

Why other storages might not work

With all this talk about data, you might think about other cloud storage services. Comparing Unpaper with a generic storage service is like comparing a bespoke suit tailored to fit you with a random suit designed for an average person. Unpaper was tailored to suit the needs of tax professionals like you. It has a structure that your team would certainly love. The intuitive folder structure to store task related data was designed specifically for tax professionals. You will find browsing through it as easy as walking in a breeze. Linking the data with the specific task being worked on saves you a lot of your valuable time. The access control gives you a level of control that is unique only to Unpaper. All these features make Unpaper a team collaborative storage that is leagues ahead of a simple storage that has no context of your work.

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